1-3 Consulting is a Shanghai-based brand consultant studio. With over 16 years of experience, our involvement with local and international clients is reflected in our portfolio.
"Providing an adequate product is relatively easy. However, finding a studio who offers a high-quality product with inherent client nuances and extending that quality level commitment to maintaining, ultimately expanding the product with client growth is rare in the creative industry."

This is our strength. It's also what have been keeping us in the market for a decade and move us forward.
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Branding Strategy
Editorial Design
Interior Design
Type Design
UI/UX Design
Web Design
Web Development
Founder, Creative Director
Eago Fung has been providing tailored design solutions for local and international clients for over 14 years. As an integral creative asset in helping clients to achieve their goals by producing enhanced brand images and accompanying websites that help businesses thrive.

He has been instrumental in bringing together creative talents to design and produce online and offline branding services for a wide range of industries and markets, typically exceeding client expectations while meeting deadlines and budgets.